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Happy Time Studio

Happy Time Studio – A Space for Music and Art

Happy Time Studio – A Space for Music and Art

Founded on the belief that people are happier when they can express themselves, Happy Time Studio brings people together through creative practice. Art and music develop and refine the creative skills that help us learn to get to know ourselves, which helps us learn to connect with others.

Happy Time is proud to hire teachers who are experienced and accomplished artists. The best person to learn from is someone who has been where you are, knows what it feels like to have creative aspirations, to meet expectations and not meet expectations, to discover new ideas, to go down paths that could not have been foreseen. Their teachers are currently offering: guitar, ukulele, songwriting, piano, and visual arts such as printmaking, linocut, collage, and painting. Check the website for the most current updates.

Visit Happy Time’s cozy storefront for rotating exhibits of fine art in a variety of mediums. Focused on contemporary works, The Gallery at Happy Time Studio is showing fresh perspectives and unique ideas. Open on art walks, during other community events, and by appointment – follow @happytimeworkshops on instagram for pop up hours.

Join in for Songwriters In the Round, a special showcase of original songwriting and talented performers. “In the Round” comes from a tradition of bringing performers off the stage and into a more intimate space with the audience. This showcase features two (or more) songwriters who share the stage and trade songs and stories with each other. And you – the audience – get to see it all happen as if it’s in your own living room.


Happy Time Studio offers weekly music workshops for kids, teens, and adults. They create the space for you to explore, focus, meander, build discipline, reflect, and share the experience with others. Try guitar, ukulele, piano, or songwriting, and make friends with peers who share your interests and aspirations.

Happy Time Studio offers visual arts workshops for kids, teens and adults. Try a two-day printmaking or painting session,or join a cohort of peers for a six week, in depth study. These workshops are constantly rotating and shifting, and can be built to meet your goals.

In partnership with the City of Issaquah, Happy Time offers visual arts workshops for grades 1-8 at the Issaquah Community Center.

CUSTOM WORKSHOPS: Are you looking for a specific workshop on the fine art of monotype printmaking? Songwriters workshop? Art-making with your children as a way to connect more deeply? Happy Time is always thrilled to custom design one day or multi-day experiences whenever possible; please reach out with questions anytime.

157 Front Street North
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