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Happy Time Studio

Happy Time Studio

Founded on the belief that people are happier when they can express themselves, Happy Time Studio brings people together through creative practice. Art and music is a way to build and refine the creative skills that help us learn to get to know ourselves, which helps us learn to connect with others. At Happy Time, they commit to dedicated time and energy to creativity in pursuit of a fulfilling life.

Their teachers are currently offering: printmaking, guitar, ukulele, songwriting, piano, collage, poetry, flash fiction, creative writing, and preschool music. Check the website for the most current updates.

12 Week Workshops
Happy Time Studio offers weekly workshops for kids, teens, and adults. They create the space for you to explore, focus, meander, build discipline, reflect, and share the experience with others.

Art Lab
In a multi-workshop format, join a cohort of students who journey together through different artistic disciplines in each two-hour session, guided by experts in their craft. Art Lab is for people seeking variety and cross-pollination, inspiration through multi-media explorations. They can schedule the Art Lab to be over any time frame that works for students and teachers.

Creative Retreats
Happy Time Studio offers in-depth creative retreats. Your group can explore a variety of artistic disciplines in longer classes, sometimes over multiple days, where you will have the time and space to learn new skills. Retreats are adult-only and can be held in their studio or a location of your choice.

Custom Workshops
Are you looking for a specific workshop on the fine art of monotype printmaking? Songwriters workshop? Art-making with your children as a way to connect more deeply? Happy Time is always thrilled to custom design offerings whenever possible, please reach out with questions anytime.

160 NW Gilman Blvd. #226
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