June 6 @ 6:00 pm - 7:15 pm

Stand Up Paddle Board Class: Experienced PaddleFit

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Experienced PaddleFit Class at Lake Sammamish State Park with the Paddling Yogini

Experienced PaddleFit Class, June 6 at 6pm
Learn advanced SUP paddling technique, turns and fitness exercises (core & plank work) on your own equipment. Get ready to paddle hard and work up a sweat on your board!

Prerequisite Notes
*This is an intermediate/advanced level class for experienced paddlers with THEIR OWN EQUIPMENT (paddleboard, paddle, lifevest and leash).


Rain or shine we paddle (thunder/lighting, high winds we cancel).

Meet at Lake Sammamish State Park (Sunset Beach AKA the big beach).

Discover Pass required.

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