June 1 @ 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Songwriters In the Round in Downtown Issaquah WA

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Songwriters in the Round at Happy Time Studio in the Historic Downtown Creative District

Happy Time’s workshop space will transform into a living room-style acoustic venue. There will be 10-20 chairs available, some floor pillows, and perhaps some standing room.

Be prepared to sit right on the rug, or stand, and please offer chairs to the folks who need them the most.The showcase will last about an hour.

Tickets: 25 tickets available. The majority of ticket sales go to the performers. You are invited to choose your ticket price based on what you are able to contribute, using one of the links below:

$5 per person
$15 per person
$35 per person

You might be thinking – What is “In the Round”?

“In the Round” comes from a tradition of bringing performers off the stage and into an more intimate space with the audience. At Happy Time, they will feature two (or more) songwriters who will share the stage and trade songs and stories with each other. And you – the audience – get to see it all happen as if it’s in your own living room.

About the artists:

JOHN RIZIKI: John Riziki is a singer-songwriter from Accra, Ghana living in Seattle, WA. John immigrated to the USA with his family at just 5 years old. Growing up in different cultures gave John a unique perspective to share. First writing songs as a teenager to better navigate and reflect on his experiences, John is now releasing his music into the world – sharing the stories and moments that shaped him – in hopes that everyone can relate them to their own. Check out John’s music at his Instagram.

HAVAH ALCORN: Havah attends Issaquah’s own Gibson Ek High School and is an accomplished songwriter and musician. She is also an intern at Happy Time as part of her schooling – and we learn from her every week!

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