June 15 @ 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Rose’ Wine Tasting with Your Dog

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Rose’ Tasting with Your Dog at Pickles Playland in Downtown Issaquah

Laughing with new friends, cuddling puppies, and sipping delectable rose’ for only $15 sounds like a great plan.
Come down to Pickles in Issaquah to meet your and your dog’s new besties! 21yrs+ only, so this is a great mom’s night out and/or date night option. You can come with or without a dog!
New to the area? Many people looking to meet new friends at wine tastings!
5 or 6 varietals will be served and free snacks throughout the event. This event is hosted by a wine expert who will guide you through what makes each varietal unique.
A fun added bonus for this event: You’ll vote on your favorite rose’ to help Pickles Playland choose the house rose’ to be served at all upcoming events at all locations!
More details:
HUMANS: 21yrs+. Wheelchair accessible. Must be friendly with humans and dogs. No, babies can’t come because they aren’t 21yrs+ and yes we sadly get this question a lot. It’s a state law, not our rule.
DOGS: All sizes and breeds welcome! Must have bordetella and rabies vaccines. Must be able to play quietly while sharing toys, beds, & people.
PARKING: Free and available surrounding our building including the parking lot behind our building and the library parking structure (4 doors down).

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