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Join Fellow Art Lovers for Issaquah’s first ever Open Studio Tour!

Join us for Issaquah’s first ever Open Studio Tour!
Spend the day visiting with emerging and established artists in their happy place – right in their home studios!
See how the magic is made, ask questions, make connections, bring the kids, take home an original piece…get inspired!

More details provided as the date approaches.

Ten artists will be chosen in a juried selection process. This is open to all disciplines of art: 2D, 3D, performance based, musical, literary – you name it! If you can make a convincing case for why your home studio would be fascinating for others to see and engage with, we want to hear about it!

Application Deadline: April 25, 2024

Why apply to be a Featured Artist?

Build your network and local community

Increase awareness of your work

Sell your art without having to be a vendor at an art market

Inspire someone! Show folks that it’s possible to make amazing things happen in a home studio

Make new art friends

Receive a small stipend as thanks for taking the time to participate and host visitors

How to Apply:

Submit the following materials to

Description of your artistic medium and experience

3-5 work samples (any format that works, ask if you have questions)

Description of your home studio – address, confirmation that it is suitable for public visitation. Please reach out with any questions.

Description of how you would engage visitors to your studio (for example, collect emails for a newsletter, provide an activity for kids/adults, offer a performance/demo)


Artist studios must be located within at least one of the following: Issaquah city limits, Issaquah postal address, Issaquah School District.

Artists must be emerging or established – in either case, artists need to demonstrate a substantial body of work and a cohesive vision/approach. Please reach out with questions.

We will require a studio visit for all finalists, before final decisions are made, and all featured artists are responsible for insuring their own work and space.


Quality: High quality art requires not only technical skill but also a meaningful and unique artistic statement. What is it like to interact with the work? Does it challenge, inspire, or otherwise show us something that we didn’t previously consider about the world?

Experience: Applicants can be emerging or established artists. We are looking for dedication to the practice, however the artist chooses to demonstrate it.

Audience Engagement: Art is a powerful and unique way to bind community together. We are looking for the ability to engage participants in studio conversation, demonstration, and connection.

Diversity: We seek broad representation across artistic mediums, age, gender, racial and cultural background, and experience as an artist. We also aim for geographic diversity across greater Issaquah.

Entry Fee:

You know what? We don’t want artists to have to “pay to play.” It doesn’t seem fair. Also, we’re learning that it takes a big effort to mount an event like this, and artists, jurists, and the creative folks that make this happen deserve to be compensated for their time. If you feel able, we suggest a submission fee of $25. But it’s up to you. It’s more important to us that you share your work and we get to see what you’re up to.

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