Earth Day 2021

Happy Earth Day! To celebrate, we are recycling our 2020 list of 20 practices you can put in place to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle today and every day. See? It's easy to reduce, reuse and recycle. And Mother Nature will thank you.

20 Meaningful Ways to be Eco-Friendly in Quarantine (& beyond)

  1. Use a programmable thermostat
  2. Adopt "meatless Mondays"
  3. Shorten your showers
  4. Go on a hike. The City of Issaquah posted these maps & resources from the Issaquah Alps Trails Club.
  5. Line-dry your laundry
  6. Recycle your paper and cardboard
  7. Don't pre-rinse your dishes
  8. Buy Green Power from Puget Sound Energy.
  9. Repair your leaky faucet
  10.  Start keeping your calendar digitally. 
  11.  Support organizations dedicated to sustainability
  12.  Plant a tree or buy a tree certificate (such as through Friends of Trees or a living tribute)
  13.  Make your own cleaning supplies. Check out this link for how-tos.
  14.  Switch to paperless bills and invoices
  15.  Compost (check out this great article from eartheasy for how to do so)
  16.  Start a bee farm 
  17.  Plant a garden
  18.  “Adopt” an animal at a wildlife preserve (such as through the World Wildlife Fund)
  19.  Re-use dryer sheets
  20.  Use your laptop instead of a desktop while at home

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