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Public Art Dairy Gold mural

Public Art and History

Want to see beautiful art by just cruising around Issaquah? The Public Arts tours are self-guided and free.

Utility Box Art Installations

Commissioned by the City of Issaquah Art Commission over 80 installations city-wide are available to enjoy for free.

  • “Creative District”, Jake Wagoner, near JaKs Restaurant Front Street and Sunset Way
  • “Moons” Vikram Madan, stoplight at Julius Boehm pool
  • “Home Sweet Home” Pamela Holderman, near Issaquah Creek at Newport Way
  • “Creative District” Jake Wagoner, Gilman Blvd and Front Street
  • “Fall “Julie Rackley, Gilman Blvd and Maple Street, Issaquah Commons
  • “Crane” Jake Wagoner, Tibbetts Valley Park Newport Way Park and Ride Overflow
  • “Triangulum” Marsha Rollinger, East Lake Sammamish Parkway
  • “Celestial Aquatic” Mya Mendiola, Highlands Drive, Swedish Hospital Entrance
  • “Paragliders” Stacy Boyd, Highlands Drive
  • “Cascade Autumn” Scott Hammond, Highlands Drive and Lilac, near Issaquah Terrace Apts entrance
  • “Composition” Aziz Amrani, Seventh and Gilman
  • “Breathing Deep” Ryan Henderson, Second and Front Street
  • “Watch” Cynthia Gerdes, NW Maple and 12th Avenue, near Spring Hill Suites Marriott
  • “Journey” Bergljot Hals, Second and Sunset
  • “How to Hide an Egg, Pamela Holdeerman, Sunset and Newport
  • “Ikebana” Fred Lisaius, 10th & NW Sammamish
  • “View from My Kayak” Carrie Schmiitt, Issaquah Fall City Road and Black Nugget
  • “Sophia” Pamela Beer, Gilman and 12th (WF)
  • “Lulu Art” Ella Campanario, Lake Samm Pkwy / Black Nugget
  • “Painting 1” Trevor Moon, Lake Samm Pkwy / Black Nugget
  • “Wheat Grass Sunset” Barbi M. Doll, 17th Ave at Tullys
  • ‘Carkeek Pathway” Evan Elizabeth Hilsenberg-Riley, Timberlake Park
  • “High Summer” Fred Lisaius, Highlands: Park and 10th
  • “Coho Run” Maureen Mitchell, Fish Hatchery
  • “Moonlit Striped Hillside & Screech” Nina O’Neil, NW Samm and 11th Ave (Pickering)
  • “Night Trees” Mardie Rhodes, Highlands: Park and 15th
  • “Box Top” Carol Whitaker, 700 2nd Ave (IHS)
  • “With Chickens” Gail Baker, Gilman Boulevard at 4th Ave NW – near The Egg and Us
  • “Hiking Boots” Pamela Beer, 4th Ave NW near Post Office side entrance
  • “Where Are Our Children” Lynn Colwell, Maple at Fire Station 72
  • “Power of Sisters” Johanna Porter, Maple and Newport Way
  • “Grizzly” Nivedita Saju Menon, Highlands: NE Federal Drive at Highlands Drive
  • “Sunset” Thane Williams, Front and Dogwood
  • “Northwest Paracosm” Devin Finley, Gilman at Juniper
  • “The Last Falcon” Meghan Eng, Cougar Mountain Middle School
  • “The Umbrella People” Stan Soderberg, at Providence Point entrance
  • “Salmon” Tami Donnelly, 10th and Lake Drive near Costco Campus
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