Issaquah Treasures

Experience Issaquah's Treasures

Don’t miss these Treasures of Issaquah as identified by local residents.

Historic Hailstone Feed Store

One of the oldest buildings in Issaquah, the Hailstone Feed Store is an example of architectural evolution and creative reuse.

232 Front Street North

Village Theatre

Located in the Francis J. Gaudette Theatre building, the Village Theatre is dedicated to producing and performing award winning musical theater.

303 Front Street N

Gingko Heritage Tree

One of the oldest tree species on earth, Gingko trees were originally native to Washington but gone from the area by the 1700s. Issaquah is fortunate to have one that is over 115 years old, planted in the early 1900s by a former mayor and Washington legislator, Dr. W.E. Gibson. Saved by a group of high school students in 1970, it is now an Issaquah treasure.

100 Front Street S

East Fork of Issaquah Creek

This is a favorite local spot for fishing. The fish are plentiful and you have an excellent chance of hooking one.



“Issaquah Treasures” Local Favorites

Issaquah’s Treasures

"Treasures," which are natural and human built features valued by the community. The City Council adopted the following treasures in 1993 thus recognizing their value to the community and the need to consider their relationship to future actions taken by the City of Issaquah:

  1. Issaquah Creek/Salmon Run
  2. Salmon Hatchery
  3. Old Historic District, old Front Street
  4. Issaquah Alps Trails
  5. Village Theater
  6. Lake Sammamish
    •  View of Lake Sammamish from 1-90 surrounded by green hills
    •  Sammamish lake shore and wetlands
  7. Salmon Days
  8. Lush, open, tree-covered mountain tops of Issaquah Alps
    • Issaquah Alps (left in natural state)
    • view of Tiger Mountain and green hills going east on 1-90
  9. Boehm's Candy store
  10. Views of Mount Rainier
    • from Front Street and East Lake Sammamish Boulevard
    • between Squak and Tiger Mountains looking south down Rainier Avenue
    • Mount Rainier view from 1-90
  11. Lake Sammamish State Park
  12. Train Depot
  13. Issaquah Library and Memorial Field
  14. Issaquah Valley Aquifer - the watershed
  15. Pickering Farm and Barn
  16. Tibbetts Valley Park
  17. Lake Tradition and Tradition Plateau
  18. Fruit trees / parks / bridges along Gilman Boulevard (Edible Landscape)
  19. Hang gliders off Tiger Mountain
  20. The Big Tree (the old Douglas Fir on Tiger Mountain)
  21. Gilman Village
  22. Issaquah Creek Trail (behind Gilman Village)
  23. Wild places for indigenous wildlife
  24. Mercantile Building
  25. Julius Boehm Swimming Pool
  26. Ginkgo tree by Front and Andrews Streets
  27. Washington Zoological Park in Issaquah Cougar Mountain Zoo
  28. Marshlands and heron rookery paralleling Issaquah Creek
  29. Residential downtown with old single-family homes
  30. Clouds, mists that float and rise through Issaquah Alps
  31. Eagle sanctuary (Olson property with view of Mount Rainier)
  32. Old Issaquah-Fall City Road
  33. Family atmosphere


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