September 21

Lake Sammamish Perch-A-Thon Fishing Event

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Perch-A-Thon Fishing Event at Lake Sammamish State Park

Trout Unlimited will conduct a “Perch-a-thon” on Lake Sammamish on September 21st, 2024. All of the proceeds from this event will go to the JBLM PHWFF Program!

The purpose of the event is to help eradicate (or at least diminish) the perch population in Lake Sammamish. You certainly can flyfish for perch, but they normally will be 40-50′ down, so flyfishing is not very effective. You also need a boat. Powered is best, but rowing will work too.

This is a fun event with some great prizes, plus you get to take home a bunch of great eating panfish. Please join us!

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